Solution for nutcake's WhiteRabbit

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The description suggest a hidden function...

Take IDA 7 Freeware 1, to analyze the binary.

Type CTRL+E keys and go to _start function, you will see the startup stub which trigger the main function.

The main function printing only two uninteresting string.

If you press another time the CTRL+E keys, you will see a function named secret. This function print a flag but it haven't got any cross references. How we can go to the secret's function ?

The first idea will be to patch the EntryPoint but the program will crashed.

Another option will to patch the instruction lea rdi, main to lea rdi, secret in the _start function.

WARNING: Beware the nmemonic is position relative.

public _start
_start proc near
xor     ebp, ebp
mov     r9, rdx         ; rtld_fini
pop     rsi             ; argc
mov     rdx, rsp        ; ubp_av
and     rsp, 0FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF0h
push    rax
push    rsp             ; stack_end
lea     r8, __libc_csu_fini ; fini
lea     rcx, __libc_csu_init ; init
lea     rdi, main       ; main  <--------- here
call    cs:__libc_start_main_ptr
_start endp

Pick the hexadecimal values of the lea : 0x48, 0x8D, 0x3D, 0x51, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00 .

Often in the 64 bits programming the address are relative. To verify this argue, we help us of the online encoder/decoder of Jonathan Salwan's website.2

Copy the previous hexadecimal values without the 0x and comma in this website, select x86(64) in little endian mode and click on the disassemble button. The result will be :

0x0000000000000000: lea rdi, qword ptr [rip + 0x151]

Why it's 0x151 ? It's quite simple, look the next formula :

address of the main function - address of the lea - size of the instuction of
the lea opcode

0x11D5 - 0x107D - 7 => 0x151

TIP: we can type this previous operation at the left of IDC at the bottom of IDA window, to compute the operation.

Our goal will change the value by the correct position , the position of secret function. The formula :

address of the secret function - address of the lea - size of the instuction of
the lea opcode

0x1145 - 0x107D - 7 => 0xC1

Now, via the Jonathan's website 2, you filling out the form with :

0x0000000000000000: lea rdi, qword ptr [rip + 0xc1]

Select x86(64) in little endian mode and click on the assemble button. The result will be :


Fire up a hexadecimal editor and replace the old values by the new one :

48 8D 3D 51 01 00 00


48 8D 3D C1 00 00 00

Now, you can run the program and grab the flag !

Content in this archive

  • hidden.i64 : the hidden analysis
  • hidden_mod : the hidden file patched
  • hidden_mod.i64 : the hidden_mod analysis
  • solution.html : the present file.